I live in a very small house, but my windows look out on a very large world.

- Confucio -

Dimora Camp is a natural site characterized by vegetable gardens, natural paths and corners designated to mental and physical well-being and to reconnection with nature. Inside a little portion of woods, you can find a little cabin-house provided with a comfortable bed, private relax area, and external toilet. Through this kind of temporary structures, made of sustainable materials and architectural methods, the spaces that once were dedicated exclusively to agriculture, now have become a reference point for tourist and cultural activities in the city of Lauriano. This area is not very close to Dimora Cornalin but it is easily accessible by foot or bicycle.

What is Dimora Camp?

In the woods at Dimora Camp you will find the accommodation facility we built ourselves, by thinking about a new way of living nature. Thanks to this cabin-house you can forest bathe in the middle of the woods, safe and sound, with some comforts citizens will not give up

Outside the grove, you can experience how to take care of a vegetable garden inside Lorenzo’s one , a place of Monferrato’s traditional skills that our brave friend preserves. Sometimes here we also organize events open to a larger public, in order to pursuing valorizing this territory and spaces, a point of connection between nature and culture