“Non dubitare mai che un piccolo gruppo di cittadini possa cambiare il mondo. In verità è l’unica cosa che è sempre accaduta.”

- Margaret Mead -

Our first project was born thanks to the collaboration with the Associazione Fondiaria Cornalin, the Municipality of Lauriano and its hamlet Piazzo, the citizens and a series of valuable local partners. Why right here? Because we have found a special synergy between people and the nature they inhabit. With the first pic-nics made in July 2020 we began our journey, involving producers and inhabitants in order to allow our new guests rediscover these places. For the occasion we also took care of the recovery of the path and lawn used. During summer we took a few more steps and started the restoration rennovation of an agricultural shed with its vegetable garden on the hill of Piazzo, part of the abandoned properties given to the Associazione Fondiaria Cornalin. This place, named Dimora Cornalin, will become the centre of the cultural activities as well as fruit and vegetable resale of the Associazione. In spring-summer we will finish the land restoration works and the construction of the Dimora Experience Camp, which is a site characterized by gardens, paths and corners dedicated to psychophysical well-being and reconnection with nature.

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